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Pro Spotlight: 3 Ways to Achive Your Ideal Storage Solutions


Charlotte storage professional Kristie Knorr shares how to create a clutter-free space made just for you.

Who: Kristie Knorr of IMPACT Design Resources

Where: Charlotte, North Carolina

In her own words: “I go into people’s homes and see possibility everywhere. What makes my heart sing is when we help people find joy by enhancing their space.”

Perhaps you collect vintage silk scarves. Or maybe you adore sports memorabilia, or you can’t help but buy yet another bottle of olive oil when you travel. Whatever your personal predilection for accumulation, chances are you need a better way to store your stuff. Consider a tailor-made solution. “Storage is really personal,” says Kristie Knorr, who owns IMPACT Design Resources in Charlotte. “Think about what you need and where you want it. There are many products that provide value to your specific situation.”

Everything in its place. Knorr is a strong proponent of an efficient environment, and she started early with helping her own kids tidy up. “I taught them that this is the crayon box and this is the bucket for stuffed animals,” she says. “Keeping your environment organized and clean is a healthy, efficient way to be at any age.”

Building relationships. It’s not just about storage for Knorr. “People start out as clients but end up as friends,” she says. “I’m in their homes, petting their dogs, talking to grandparents, watching children negotiate for cookies.” One Thanksgiving morning, Knorr received a text from a past client gushing about her new kitchen cabinets while she prepped her holiday meal. “I mean, what is better than that?” Knorr says. 

Ready to curb your clutter and create an organized space? Knorr shares her tips below.IMPACT design Resources

1. Consider Function

“Think about how you’re going to use the space and what you’re going to do there,” Knorr says. If you love to bake, you probably want space for your cake tins and cookie sheets. If you work from home, you might want a better-outfitted office. Build storage to meet your needs.

A couple of avid home chefs had Knorr redo their Huntersville kitchen for easier cooking. A door to the garage was removed and a range put in its place; a second oven slides into the peninsula cabinetry. Utensils like garlic presses and lemon squeezers tuck into a four-stack of drawers. A tiled niche above the range keeps olive oil and oft-used spices close at hand.  (See more of this project)

2. Find What’s Meaningful

Identify the things that matter most to you. “If it’s not important, then ask yourself why it’s still here,” Knorr says. “And if it’s important, think about how you want to store it, whether it’s a collection or a single item.”

A woman in Lake Norman wanted to store her prized wardrobe in a custom closet. Knorr put mirrored doors at each end to visually enhance the narrow rectangular space. A marble surface was added over the built-in chest of drawers, which were custom fitted for belts and other smaller items. Individual cubbies hold purses, and the closet rods have dividers so shirts and pants can be separated by color. Formal dresses are tucked behind a door. (See more of this project)

3. Think About Looks

Ask yourself about storage appearance. “Do you want things to be open or hidden behind doors?” Knorr says. “Do you like color, do you want storage to be stand-alone or stay in the style of other things in your home? Do you want pops of wow that are unexpected?”

The team created a maple storage piece with an ultracompact surface countertop as a unique statement piece for this south Charlotte powder room. A handmade iron base was painted gold to match the faucets, and gold handles on the five drawers twinkle. The piece itself was painted black to help ground the lively space. (See more powder rooms)

For more information on Kristie Knorr and examples of her work, visit IMPACT Design Resources’ Houzz profile.


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